In Search of Gareth Hughes
Wales’ first Hollywood film star!

My work and documentary about Gareth has been featured in various international, national magazines and news papers Also I have appeared and been interviewed on national television and radio here in the UK!
My name is Kelvin Guy and I live in Burry Port, Wales
Since 2005 I've been researching Wales' first Hollywood star, who was also my grandmother's cousin!
I made a documentary that mainly deals with his life after Hollywood, when he spent fourteen years with the Paiutes of Pyramid Lake Nevada! He was known to them as Brother David, and they had no knowledge of his former stardom!
Long before he give up his acting to become a he was known to millions of his adoring fans as Gareth Hughes!
Hedda Hopper! Who wrote about her dear friend back in December 1963, in one of her very last columns! They had known each other for years, and had met when they were both young actors during the silent movie era!©

Kelvin Guy family biographer.

I‘d like to thank the University of Nevada special collections library Reno for their  permission to include photos and film of Gareth from there collection.

The new play which has been written about Gareth Hughes and Hedda Hopper has nothing to do with Kelvin Guy or the family here in the UK or US.
To  discover the truth about Gareth and  Hedda’s relationship. Please get in touch to find out the real story from someone who was there!Additional footage available at cine film to dvd business
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